Indonesia Nudibranchs & Sea Slugs

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The Indonesian archipelago lies in the middle of the area of the highest marine bio-diversity in the world.

Update September, 2022 - Nudibranchs, Crustaceans and Flatworms updated with many new species added following another visit to the wonderful Villa Markisa in Tulamben, Bali for 15 days. Again we enjoyed wonderful diving in the company of the resort's superb spotter-guides.

Update July, 2018 - Nudibranchs updated with many new species added.

June, 2018 we visited Villa Markisa in Tulamben, Bali for 21 days. This visit was based around the Sea Slug Festival led by Vanessa Knutson who daily provided superb presentations on many nudibranch and other related topics. We also enjoyed wonderful diving in the company of the resort's superb spotter-guides.

Update September, 2017 - Nudibranchs updated with 74 new species added.

WunderpusSeptember, 2017 we visited Villa Markisa in Tulamben, Bali for 7 days wonderful diving. Then on to Bima where we boarded the Wunderpus for another 7 days diving between Bima, Sangean, Padar and Rinca in the Komodo National Park.
Lots of nudibranchs and other macro subjects recorded from both trips thanks to the excellent guides.

Update November, 2016 - Nudibranchs updated with 70 new species added and 85 additional imag.

Triton BayOctober/November 2016 we visited Triton Bay in West Papua.
We stayed and dived with Triton Bay Divers and had a great time, made many new friends and found some wonderfull animals thanks to the great guides.

Cheng HoIn September, 2015 we revisited the Flores area on board the MV Cheng Ho for 11 days in the company of many expert nudibranch hunters and found 420 species.

Also aboard were a film crew from Naga Visions who kindly provided this image.

Another 17 days were spent at the beautiful Villa Markisa resort on Bali.

KLM Aurora 10 June to 4 July 2011 - We cruised on the KLM Aurora from Alor in the east along the north of the archipeligo boarding in Alor and finally leaving this lovely and friendly boat in Bima, Sumbawa.
The trip was a specialist nudibranch research expedition that resulted in a total of 410 species (over 100 of them undescribed).
We also saw many other underwater wonders and the site has been updated to reflect this abundance.

raja ampatIn March 2007 we visited Raja Ampat, north west of West Papua on board the MV Odyssea 1.
This fascinating journey took us to another magical area, introduced us to new diving friends and provided many more images.

bunakenWe visited the North East Sulawesi peninsula including the Bunaken National Park, Banka Island and Lembeh Strait in June 2001, 2002 and July 2006. We stayed at the Hotel Santika, diving with the wonderful Thalassa Dive Centre whose great guides led us to wonderful creatures on the reefs and dark volcanic sands during our many expeditions including a 5 night cruise on the MV Mimpi. in 2006.