Aeolidiella glauca(Alder & Hancock, 1845)

Finnart Pier, Loch Long on the west coast.
At 15 metres in 10° C water, this orange coloured specimen was found near the bottom of one of the new pier legs of the oil terminal. The legs are covered with many species of invertebrates including soft corals, anenomes, peacock worms, sea squirts and sponges all being grazed over by nudibranchs, top shells, crabs, squat lobsters and hunted among by small scorpion fish, gobies and blennies. Each leg seems to be colonised more by one particular invert species than another, making this an interesting and colourful dive, particularly on the rare occasions when the visibility rises above 5 metres.

Taken using a Nikonos 5 with 2:1 extension tube and Ikelite 50 flash.

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